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"I lost 37.5 pounds and went from a size 16 dress to a size 10 in 18 weeks. I would recommend Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs to anyone wanting safe, effective weight loss."


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Pat Solis, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., P.A., Medical Director

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Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs

State Of The Art
Physician Supervised Weight Loss Programs

Now you can safely have the body you deserve, the admiration of your loved
ones and friends, and the energy to enjoy life!

Affordable, Medically Supervised, and Individualized Weight Loss Programs:

Dr. Pat Solis' Metabolic Weight Loss Programs
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Nutritional Education
Behavioral Modification
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Dr. Pat Solis and his staff are pleased you have chosen Health Plus Weight Loss Center (HPWLC) for your weight loss program. HPWLC is dedicated to providing you with the very best medical testing, evaluation, and treatment.

Positive reassuring and professional treatment for every patient on an individual basis is the service you will find here. Our staff welcomes your questions and is ready to assist you in every possible way.

We understand why diets alone are not successful. We know that ONE DIET or ONE PROGRAM will not work for every individual. At HPWLC, we have developed comprehensive programs that will be tailored to your individual lifestyle and medical needs for safe, rapid weight loss. Our combination of medical supervision, nutritional education, and enhanced physical and mental conditioning is customized for you.

This unique evaluation and personal diet formulation is carefully monitored. Changes are implemented to meet your particular needs so that you, too, can be successful.

Your determination to lose weight will be reinforced and assisted through improved nutrition, a personalized program of regular exercise, and behavior modification (changing old habits and thought patterns).

Now you can safely have the body you deserve, the admiration of your loved ones and friends, and the energy to enjoy life!

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Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M.  


What Are The Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs?


Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs which have been carefully physician researched, developed, and clinically tested since 1989 are state of the art, most currently advanced, and medically sound methods of losing weight. Through the right combination of physician supervision, Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Supplements, real food, nutritional education, audio and video weight loss training, behavior modification, and recommended exercise programs, you will easily achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

The HPWLC philosophy is that obesity is a primary disease, not just a symptom. As with other medical problems, our comprehensive approach begins with an extensive medical and dietary history, physical examination, laboratory tests, and an EKG. Your metabolic type is classified from this information. Your individual weight loss program is developed and implemented with the help of highly skilled professionals. Individual adjustments are made to your program during your weight loss to assure your optimal success.

Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs will give you the following benefits:
Our weight loss programs are medically safe.

They are simple and easy for you to follow while eating real food. The Patient Training Manual that you will receive on your initial set up visit is a complete home study course in nutrition and weight loss written in a simple, easy to understand language.

Our weight loss programs are effective and will enable you to lose an average of two to three pounds per week without feeling hungry. Our professional supervision means you will lose weight safely, quickly, and steadily. The benefits to you are immediate improvements in your self- esteem, appearance, and health.
They are convenient in that we provide you with a clear, compartmentalized, plastic box that holds your week’s supply of Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Supplements. This pillbox with its supplements can be conveniently placed in your purse or attaché case so that you will always be assured of having your supplements available.  
Many of our patients tell us our weight loss programs are easy to stay on, as they have few side effects and they do not feel hungry. As you choose you own food while on the weight loss program, you do not grow tired of eating the same type of food.
Most all of our patients tell us that while they are on our Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs, they have more energy and that they feel, act, and look better.
Our Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs are comprehensive both in the initial and follow up management of the patient and in the weight loss program itself as all the supplements needed to lose weight are in the Weekly Health Plus Metabolic Supplements requiring no additional prescriptions by the doctor.
Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs are available to you only through doctors, as obesity is a medical condition requiring medical expertise to manage its related diseases:


2. Heart Disease
3. Non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
4. Hypercholesterolemia
5. Degenerative arthritis, especially of the lower extremities and spine
6. Gall bladder disease
7. Worsening of the following disorders with excessive weight:

Asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema
Increased rates of cancer, kidney disease, and neurological disorders
Complications in pregnancy and delivery
Increased anesthesia and surgical risk
Decreased life expectancy
They are also available in Spanish
They carry a 30 day 100% money back guarantee
Most weight loss programs end with dropouts or when weight goals are reached. That is the reason why so many people are not successful with permanent weight loss. We provide an ongoing maintenance program to help you with any difficulties that you might encounter keeping your weight off. Cost and frequency of visits are reduced so that you may take advantages of these services.  

Because HPWLC weight reduction programs are individualized, the charges will vary with the needs and options selected by each patient. Initially, every beginning patient in the HPWLC is required to have a complete medical history, physical examination, lab profile, and EKG.

There are weekly charges depending on the type of weight loss program selected. This includes weight, blood pressure, urine tests, counseling, and supplements. Additional nutritional supplements may be purchased by those patients who wish to utilize them in their weight loss program.


Every insurance company is different and has their own reimbursement guidelines. Depending on your insurance company, fees for medical and dietary histories, physical examinations, laboratory tests, EKGs, and office visits may be covered. You may also be able to deduct part of the cost on your tax return as a medical expense.

HPWLC will provide you with a receipt after each appointment for your filing purposes. This statement will be coded with the medical diagnosis and treatment administered. While many of our patients have successfully been reimbursed for treatment, your arrangement with your insurance carrier is a contract between you and them. All HPWLC charges are the responsibility of the patient regardless of insurance.

Act Now!
Now that you are ready to lose weight safely and effectively with our 30-day money back guarantee, call us today for an appointment. We’re ready to help you obtain the benefits you are looking for.

There is no risk for you in taking advantage of this unique opportunity. First, our Health Plus Weight Loss Programs have been carefully physician researched, developed, and clinically tested since 1989 and represent a proven way to lose weight without risk. Secondly, our Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs carry with them a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied

Typical testimonials that we receive from patients are as follows and others are available upon request:
"I am 31 years old, was diagnosed as having diabetes mellitus at age 10, and am now on insulin. Before starting the Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs, I had excessive weakness, tiredness, occasional dizziness, depression, and insomnia. I lose 24.5 pounds in 12 weeks without any side effects or complications and I now feel great. I would strongly recommend the Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs to anyone."

"The loss of 12.5 pounds in 6 weeks may sound like a dream - it's a reality for me! On the Health Plus Metabolic Weight Loss Programs the best part is that I am losing weight, not just wishing. I feel healthy and not hungry. What a plan!"

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